My name is Andra. 

My first dish I made alone when I was a kid living in the countryside, from the clay I found near the pond which was next to the birch grove.
I haven’t kept it, I just memorized it very clearly. Actually it does not differ much from the ceramics I make today. And this is great, because.. 
During the school I was attending the ceramics class for a short period. I thought I was not as good as others, it seems everything I tried to make became awry and wrong. In that moment I didn’t realize that’s the way how I can express myself through the clay – in curved lines and irregular forms.
Life happened, I forgot about the clay and ceramics, until that Spring day back in 2013, when I suddenly got that feeling about the life I would like to live, and it came in my mind that I want to work with the clay. To create. To make ceramics.
I left my routine job in capital Riga and return to my small hometown Brocēni. I met my first teacher who introduced and showed me the basics of the black reduced pottery. At that time I understood that black reduced pottery is the one which is the most relevant to myself – simple and natural.
Slowly and enjoyable I started to move in desirable direction, and I am really happy there are people who appreciate the work I create.
If somebody in my childhood – in the countryside at the pond near the birch grove – would ever say that it is the special moment and the sign to my whole life, I could save a lot of doubts and exhaustive thoughts I went through to find my own way.
I am grateful for everything became as it is.
I got that feeling that through the ceramics I make, I can give a little more lightness to the world. Even the pottery is black.
Thank you.